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Awesome, What you saying makes a lotta sense. Would you mind critiquing my USP:  I help business owner create a compelling online presence that gets them customers.  BACKGROUND: I'm a Social Media Specialist.

AntonVolney moderator

@SosocialInc Hey there,

Your USP is a good start. Here's what you can do to make it better:

The term "compelling web presence" could be more concrete. That phrase sounds vague and it could mean different things to different people....and mostly, it doesn't create a mental picture of the benefit you're referring to. Is there a more vivid, visceral way to say the same thing?

You can start with this USP, but then keep refining it until its perfect...

Incidentally, I came up against the same problem with my own profile writing course.

It used to be: "I Help Professionals Double Their Networking Power On Linkedin..."

"Double Their Networking Power" is equally abstract as "Compelling Web Presence"

Eventually, I realized the more concrete way of saying my USP was, "I Help Professionals Make A Jaw-Dropping First Impression On Linkedin and Get 2-3x More Connections..."

Do you see the difference?

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I use LinkedIn for promoting my blog and myself. the result is great. In my opinion, making a simple but comprehensive Linkedin summary is good


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